Work – It’s What We Do, Not Who We Are!

Sedona Hutton

Sedona Hutton

Greetings from Sedona Hutton, business executive and author, meditation instructor and Reiki Master. Like most people on Planet Earth, I lead a busy life. My day job takes 50+ hours every week and I periodically take on freelance writing projects. I have an amazing husband and a sweet, but demanding curly-coated retriever, Milkduds, and two adult children who I see as often as I can. I became a grandma for the first time earlier this year…and in my spare time, I’m penning the great American novel.

My husband often calls me an overachiever. When I told him I was starting a blog, his reaction was WTF? (He can’t help it; he’s Irish!) But my intent with this blog isn’t to add another task on top of an already loaded schedule. Instead, it’s a way for me to take pause and contemplate ways to find greater peace, love, and joy in my life.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received didn’t come from one of the energy schools I’ve attended or from my spiritual studies. It didn’t come from the Chopra Center where I was certified as a meditation instructor. Instead, it came from my husband. Those who know my hubby may find that a bit shocking. He’s a self-proclaimed rebel, a free thinker who prides himself on being irreverent.
His feedback: “Work is what we do, not who we are.”

When he first said this many moons ago, I passed it off as visionary, as one of those things people said to sound good. He didn’t think my work was important? I was climbing the corporate ladder, making a difference in my organization!
Yet over the years, I’ve come to understand and even appreciate this wisdom.

Work is only one aspect of our lives and for most of us it’s not the most important. There are many roles that we play—child, parent, spouse, lover, friend, teacher, student, athlete, gardener, etc. Our lives are the compilation of each of these roles and our related experiences.

From a work perspective, we all have unique talents. But whether one is the President of the United States, a corporate executive, a teacher, or a stay-at-home mom or dad, at the deepest level, we’re all the same. Souls participating in a life experience on Earth.

Life is short. Throughout our life experience, we play many roles. Find balance in those roles. Align with your priorities. Spend time on that which makes you happy.

These days I do just that. Instead of defining my success through my career—or any other role that I’m playing—I measure my success by how much peace, love and joy is in my life.

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