Gratitude for Busy People



Simple Gratitude Practice

Everyone talks about gratitude Thanksgiving week. It’s certainly a good time to give thanks, but what about the rest of the year?

Did you know in each moment that you’re feeling genuinely grateful, it’s impossible to at the same time feel angry, anxious…or any other negative emotion? Given this, perhaps we should consider gratitude as an ongoing practice.

We all have so much to be grateful for. Some days it’s big things – getting married, a new grand-baby, a promotion at work. Other days, we may be harder pressed to find nuggets of gratitude. But if we challenge ourselves, they can be found. Considering the natural disasters that have occurred this year, I’m thankful for my home, water, food, and electricity. I’m thankful when I see the unconditional love in my dog’s eyes, when I take a walk and connect with Mother Earth, when I listen to davidji on Hay House Radio.

These days we’re inundated with a plethora of gratitude activities. The obstacle I most often hear–it takes time to journal, meditate, and make lists. So today I’m offering: Gratitude for Busy Folks!

It’s simple, and it doesn’t take any additional time out of your day.

So here it is… During your morning commute, give thanks!

Yep, that’s it. As you make your way to work, list everything you’re grateful for. You can do this in your head or speak your gratitudes out loud. Sing or shout gleefully. Regardless of your approach, reflecting on the things you’re grateful for—even if only for a few minutes—is a sure-fire way to start your day in a positive frame of mind. As an added incentive, when you put out positive thoughts, you attract more positivity into your life experience.

Start your morning giving thanks and embrace the peace, love, and joy that returns to you throughout the day!

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  1. When you give thanks during the time you spend commuting it is surprising the things that you begin to be grateful for.

    Those men with the orange and white cones? Yep, during one of my drives I was doing my gratitude practice and paused to be grateful for the men doing road construction not just because the road construction meant the road would soon be repaired and nicer to drive on, but because where they were doing construction stopped me beside a small farm where ducks were floating lazily upon a picturesque pond.

    On a different day, while slowed down behind a big piece of farm machinery I paused to be grateful that I live in the Midwest where there is so much abundance in the form of farm products.

    I am also just grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds me…for the way the sun shines down and illuminates a patch of flowers or a patch of weeds…for the beauty of the cattle grazing on a hillside.

    During my drives is my favorite time to practice gratitude.


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